Nigel Goodall is one of Britain’s leading celebrity biographers. Born in the UK in 1950, he has written about some of the biggest names in showbusiness. He was nominated for the first-ever non-fiction writing award and many of his books have become bestsellers throughout the world, earning him the reputation of writing about subjects that he admires and feels passionate about. He has also written dozen of articles for magazines and over 50 album liner notes for record labels and artists.

He took on his first writing commission in 1990 when he teamed up with a friend to produce a unique book on Cliff Richard’s recording sessions. Since then he has written books about celebrities in both the film and pop worlds, and is frequently seen on television biographies in both the UK and US, talking about some of the subjects he has written about.

He has lived in East Sussex, England, since 1968, from where he has travelled to both the East and West coasts of America for author interviews and research.

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