Lost And Found (From The Archives)

Released by EMI in April 2009. Compilation, research and liner notes (with Peter Lewry).

Lost and Found (From the Archives)

In today’s digital world of computers and hi-tech recording studios, the idea of multiple takes of a song is a thing of the past. It is also unlikely that an artist would spend valuable studio time recording tracks that would never be released. However, back in the days when recordings were made on to magnetic tape and computer wizardry was a thing of the future, an artist would record a song over and over until a suitable master was put on tape. An artist would also try various songs with the intention of them being released, but, due to timing or other issues, these songs would remain unheard. That is why on Lost And Found (From The Archives) the listener is given the opportunity to listen to songs that were left in the vaults. Of the 21 tracks, three are alternate takes of songs that were eventually released and the remaining eighteen, as recorded by Cliff, have never been issued in any form…