Rare B-Sides 1963-1989

Released by EMI in April 2009. Compilation, research and liner notes (with Peter Lewry).

Rare B-Sides 1963 - 1989

With the advent of the CD single, the concept of the B-Side has gone the same way as 12-inch vinyl albums – a format prized by collectors but alien to much of today’s music-buying public. Although CD singles are a popular format and also feature more than one track, it is common for the extra tracks to be remixes, instrumentals or dance mixes of the lead song. However, to many there will always be a fondness for the often overlooked song that appeared on the other side of a 7-inch vinyl hit single. Cliff Richard has released over 130 singles, most of which were original vinyl 45s and Rare B-Sides 1963-1989 brings together some often forgotten tracks that, with the exception of the extended version of Stronger, are making their first appearance on CD…