Rare EP Tracks 1961-1991

Released by EMI in April 2010. Compilation, research and liner notes (with Peter Lewry).

Rare EP Tracks 1961 - 1991

Extended Plays were a popular format in the late 1950s and early1960s. They looked like regular 45rpm releases and played at the same speed, but contained twice as much material. They sold for about double the price of a regular single and were aimed at those who either couldn’t afford albums or were only looking for a selection of an artist’s material. Unlike the singles of the time, these releases came in laminated, glossy, full-colour sleeves and looked every bit like miniature album sleeves. Common practice at this time was to take an artist’s current album and release the tracks over several EP releases. More often than not, the original album cover would be featured on all the releases but sometimes alternate cover photos were featured. However, many artists released tracks that would only be available in this format, so they became very collectable and can still command high prices today. Between 1959 and 1968 Cliff Richard released 46 extended play discs with an additional release issued in 1991 featuring some previously unissued Christmas songs that had originally been recorded for the Carol Singers EP in 1967. Rare EP Tracks 1961-1991 brings together 22 songs that are making their first appearance on CD, along with some previously unreleased tracks…