Artist Collection

Released by BMG in September 2004. Compilation and liner notes (with Neil Rees).

Artist Collection

In early 1988, Kylie Minogue burst onto the UK music scene, having scored Australia’s biggest selling single of the decade the previous year with Locomotion, and over the next five years would become one of the most successful female recording artists of all-time, outselling and out-surviving almost every one of her contemporaries.

Despite her massive commercial success under the guidance of the hugely successful production team of Stock Aitken Waterman, in 1993, Kylie seeking much greater creativity followed her instinct, and moved to the BMG dance label, deConstruction, raising eyebrows as she went. With a promise and guarantee for creative freedom, she set to work discovering and developing her vocal and songwriting talents along the way, which would become vividly illustrated by the two studio albums she would release while signed to the label.

Her 1994 eponymously titled debut album introduced a previously hidden trained vocalist, surprising fans and critics alike with her dramatic, quality-led change in direction, illustrated sublimely by the lead-off single, Confide In Me. In 1998 she followed-up with Impossible Princess that despite its two years in the making and a difficult personal journey, was written and co-written in its entirety by Kylie herself, and gave a rare glimpse into the darker, more introspective side of her persona, erasing any trace of the bubblegum image from back in the early days of her career.

Moving onto pastures new in 1999, Kylie’s career has continued its schizophrenic musical journey, and her time at deConstruction has more than proved it’s value. While she has become the UK’s very own queen of pop, this album is testament to the combination of all that she has learnt reaping staggering rewards, and – while receiving the critical success that had for so long evaded her – she has again managed a seemingly effortless rise to the very top of the music world.