Cher In Her Own Words

Published in 1992 by Omnibus Press.

Cher in Her Own Words

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she was a teenager when she first became a household name twenty-five years ago as half of the most successful singing duo of the Sixties. There was then, and still is, only one Cher. Few performers have risked as much artistically with greater frequency or success than Cher. At various moments in her career, there have been those who have said that Cher could not do something. She could not be a singer. She could not be a television star. She could not be an actress, and most recently she could not have a hit album in the 90’s. Each and every time a determined Cher has proven them wrong.

Cher In Her Own Words focuses on her outspoken views on just about everything from men to politics, and music to movies. During her dazzling career over four decades no one has been quite as outrageous or as controversial. Many of her  quotes have been collectively captured in this book under a number of suitably titled chapter headings, some of which may surprise  and some may even shock! All of them make fascinating reading and are essential to understanding who Cher is, and what she has become.

But how much of the real Cher is revealed, and how much is pure public image. Is she a one-of-a-kind force in American culture? Is she a survivor with no nonsense? Or is she just plain and honest? This book is the only way to judge her past, present and maybe, future, and is as good an observation as any biography could offer, with one telling advantage, they are all her own words.