Demi Moore: The Most Powerful Woman in Hollywood

Published in 2000 by Mainstream Publishing.

Demi Moore was one of Hollywood’s most important players, an actress who had demanded respect and admiration. Now you can read about her fascinating, sometimes controversial, career in this first-ever biography of one of the most powerful and formidable woman in Hollywood history.

From her Hollywood debut at the age of nineteen to her little-known indie, Passion of Mind, and falling out of the limelight for almost five years, this intimate and revealing biography traces the events and circumstances that have shaped Demi Moore’s fiercely independent personality and propelled her from soap to movie star.

With new insights into her troubled childhood raised on trailer parks in Roswell, where Aliens were supposed to have landed, and surrounded by alcohol and abuse, this compelling and graphic account uncovers the real Demi Moore. It charts with fascinating detail, how the former model and daytime soap star became the highest paid actress of her time, and how with husband Bruce Willis, they became Hollywood’s most formidable couple.

Here, for the first time, is a book that cuts through the rumour, gossip and hype to provide a revealing story of the woman who once held Hollywood in the palm of her hand, despite the bout with drug and alcohol addiction, her stepfather’s suicide, her up-and-down, off-and-on, finally failed relationship with Emilio Estevez and her alleged affair with Titanic heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio.

With behind-the-scenes information from the sets of movies like Ghost, Indecent Proposal and Striptease, and the history of Demi’s nude appearances, both on-and-off screen, the book also includes a complete filmography with fees and box-office, stage and television appearances, nominations and awards – and dozens of photos from candid shots to movie stills and never before seen family album pictures. For Demi Moore fans, and for anyone interested in the definitive account of the chequered life and career of one of the screen’s most glamorous women, this book is a must.