“Although she hasn’t had a blockbuster recently, Demi Moore undeniably ranks high among the Hollywood elite. Although Nigel Goodall never interviewed the actress for the book, she will likely be pleased with his evenhanded, up-front telling of her troubled, unstable childhood; her rise from model and soap actress to the highest-paid female movie star; the birth of her three daughters and her ultimately incompatible marriage to Bruce Willis.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“Even though Demi didn’t authorise this book or take an active part in the writing of it, Nigel Goodall has still managed to sum up her career and in some respect capture her personality with, I think, admirable accuracy. To me this book is as true to the facts as can be, or seems to be anyway. The image I have conjured in my mind seems to fit rather nicely with the one Goodall has drawn up. So Either I am way off base, or he has indeed captured the “real” Demi Moore without succumbing to the notion that stars are not just regular people. Suffice it to say that regardless of whether you want to find out more about Demi, or just look at some glossy pics of her – this book is probably for you.”

Kjell Gunnarsson, Demi Moore Org

“This biography attempts to separate myth and fact in order to paint as clear a portrait of Demi Moore as possible. Clearing away the detritus of gossip and hype, the author conjures an objective a portrait as possible of the controversial star. The book isn’t an officially sanctioned publication, so fawning isn’t on the agenda, so Ms Moore’s good and bad characteristics leap from the pages.”

Nerys Lloyd-Pierce, Ladies First Magazine