Kylie Naked: A Biography

Published in 2002 by Ebury Press. Co-authored with Jenny Stanley Clarke.

It’s hard to believe now that the stylish star had her first real fame as an innocent female mechanic in an Australian soap. Yet she she constantly reinvented herself over the years, morphing from bubblegum Pop Queen to steamy Sex Vixen and now sophisticated Disco Seductress.

Applauded by Kylie’s manager for it’s accuracy, Kylie Naked, an intimate biography of the antipodean pop princess, explores the real girl behind the many guises. It reveals the gutsy determination that saw Kylie leave her home and a successful soap career at the tender age of nineteen. It uncovers Kylie’s struggle to take control of her image in the notoriously fickle music industry.

Kylie’s personal life, shrouded in secrecy, is examined closely, from her key relationships with Michael Hutchence and Jason Donovan to the influence of men such as Prince and Nick Cave and the competitive career of her younger sister, Dannii.

Exposing the personal and professional highs and lows that have created a star who has had chart-topping hits spanning three decades, Kylie Naked is a biography as glittering as Kylie herself.

She’s the girl we just can’t get out of our heads – a permanent fixture in our consciousness for over fourteen years. And she’s come some a long way – her current role as a stylish disco diva is a far cry from her first real fame as a naive teenage soap star.

With an exclusive chronology of all Kylie’s film and television appearances, a specially compiled discography by Neil Rees, and 16 pages of stunning photographs, Kylie Naked reveals Kylie in all her glory: her childhood in Australia, her fledgling pop career, and her later adult education by Michael Hutchence. It tells how she made it, her passions and her heartaches and her struggle to remain at the top in a savagely competitive industry. And it gives us her own thoughts about life from acting and fashion to music and men.