The Ultimate Queen

Published in 1998 by Simon & Schuster. Co-authored with Peter Lewry.

Queen stand alone as the ultimate rock band, beloved for over a quarter of a century by their millions of fans worldwide. Their rousing rock anthems, flamboyant costumes and larger than life antics have assured Queen a permamant placement among rock’s royalty.

Now comes the definitive accolade to a band with a phenomenal and enduring appeal, one that has has turned to legend with the death of Freddie Mercury. The Ultimate Queen is the biggest, most extensively researched encyclopedia ever written about the band, with well over 3,000 entries in an easy to use format and many rare and unusual photographs.

With a complete chronology of every important date in their career, mini biographies of each band member, chart positions of all their releases, the people in their lives, details of all their records, concert tours, radio and television appearances, and a guide to collecting memorabilia, The Ultimate Queen is a must for all fans of this extraordinary band.