“Nigel Goodall does it again! He was the author of an estimable book about Kylie Minogue, one of the only books about the Australian pop princess to try to dig behind the myth and to get the facts right. Try to get it if you possibly can, it’s called Kylie Naked. With his life of Johnny Depp we can see Goodall once again hovering over the glamour stars of US cinema (he has written previously on one of Depp’s leading ladies, the also diminutive trouble magnet Winona Ryder) and coming up with an intriguing portrait of a very talented man whose only trouble is corralling in all his passions. He was a teen star in Jump Street and a horror franchise, and then the director John Waters took a chance on him and cast him in his hillbilly epic Cry Baby. Depp had enough smarts to say hell yes to this offer and before the movie had ended audiences fell in love with his goofy charm and of course, the shot where his pants fall off and he’s left to wander in his jockey shorts. Depp showed great depth in a variety of independent and studio movies, including Donnie Brasco, but it wasn’t until recently that he was thought of in terms of being able to “open” a movie. Throughout this checkered career (which includes a directorial debut of his own, apparently dire enough to doom a lesser man) Goodall keeps up as best as he can, and both of them end up on the same page. I’m looking forward to a remake of A Star Is Born with Depp and Minogue, it would be utterly of the present moment…”

Kevin Killan,