“I ordered the book from amazon and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found Goodall an accessible writer who led the reader through Ryder’s career with great enjoyment. With the format, style and layout of the book, it was one of the easiest books I’ve read all year.”

Todd R Nicholls, Journalist, New Zealand

“The book reads as though it IS an authorized biography written with Ryder’s cooperation. By liberally using quotes from other sources, Goodall makes the book read as though he interviewed the actress. Ryder comes across as an intelligent, talented and sensitive young woman.”

– Chris Samson, Petaluma Argus-Courier

“Overall, this biography is a very interesting read. The chronological nature of the book is especially useful if referring back to it at a later point, and there is also a filmography and a list of Winona’s awards and nominations at the back. Combined with this is a comprehensive index making it easy to find references to particular films and people, should you wish to do so. Although it can never be as insightful as an authorised biography, or indeed an autobiography, this book is just as good as it can be. By collating information from a diverse selection of sources, Nigel Goodall has produced a good book that is well worth reading whether you’re a fan of Winona Ryder or not.”

T J Mackey, Dooyou Online 

“Early on Goodall admits his unabashed affection for his subject. Yet despite the warning, this remains a balanced and sprightly read that paints a rounded picture, yet it refrains from the usual muck-racking in favour of a detailed appraisal of her film career and family life. A sustained and erudite piece.”

Dan Rider, Total Film

“I always think that the test of a good biography is that when you have finished, it leaves you with not only the feeling of having got to know the subject but also leaves you thinking  ‘Well, well, well, I never would have guessed that.’ This book does that. It chronicles Winona Ryder’s life from her birth in Winona, Minnesota in 1971 up to and including her latest film, Alien Resurrection, in 1997. Things such as Winona’s godfather being Timothy Leary, the great sixties counterculture acid guru. And her life before he died of cancer in 1996, show that Winona is not just an ordinary starlet. This is a very interesting, absorbing and factual book. Not at all a show and tell extravaganza. The subject is handled in a mature and tactful way. A good look into the life of someone we are only ever likely to see on the big screen.”

Jamie Collier-Woods, New Insight