Kylie Greatest Hits

DVD and VHS released by Jive Records in November 2002. Sleeve note (with Neil Rees and Tom Parker).

“When Kylie released her first album in July 1988, many critics were quick to say she was just another disposable pop act, a flash in the pan, and that despite the staggering sales around the world, her career would never last…”

And that was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to what was being said about Kylie Minogue some fifteen years ago, when she first arrived on the British music scene. Of course, the undisputed Princess of Pop has since systematically refuted every element of the distorted and dismissive commentary which filled those review columns.

Moreover, the writing was already on the wall by the time Kylie’s original Greatest Hits album was released a little over a decade ago. Just fifteen months earlier, Shocked had reached number six, thus making Kylie the very first act in British chart history to see her first 13 singles all reach the top ten. Today, she is one of only two female performers to have achieved number one hits in the 80s, 90s and 00s. At the time of writing, six Kylie singles have hit the top spot and twenty-three have made the top ten, in an uninterrupted run of over thirty-three certified UK hits. Whilst signed to the PWL label from 1987-1992, Kylie scored nineteen UK top twenty singles (one of them a double A-side release), the videos of which all feature here for the very first time.