“Winona Laura Horowitz, or Noni has come a long way since we first saw her in the likes of Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and Heathers. Sadly, she is now more famous for being found guilty of grand theft. While she completes 480 hours of community service, this documentary attempts to give an insight into the person behind the headlines. For example, did you know she dyed her naturally blonde hair black for her first major film and has kept it like that ever since? As well as her shoplifting, her doomed love life has dominated the headlines too, after romances with the likes of Johnny Depp and Matt Damon. Obviously being rated one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by People magazine hasn’t helped the actress get her man.”

Hot Stars Magazine

“By the time she was 24 years old, Winona Ryder had earned herself two Oscar nominations, the respect and admiration of top-drawer directors, including Tim Burton, Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, an army of loyal fans desperate to copy her anaemic-looking understated style, and a bank balance most of us can only dream of. Unfortunately her career didn’t continue its upward trend, with the young actress starring in several poorly received releases, including Lost Souls and Autumn In New York, and, more recently, dramatically hitting the headlines after being arrested for stealing $6,000 worth of clothes from an exclusive Beverly Hills store. This fascinating documentary profiles the Beetlejuice and Girl, Interrupted star from her hippyish Seventies upbringing, through her rise to fame and subsequent fall from grace and storm of controversy which she appears to have ridden out. Also on the discussion list is Winona’s alleged addiction to painkillers and relationships with various high-profile actors and musicians, including Johnny Depp. The real question is though, what does the future hold.”

Heat Magazine

“A few weeks ago I urged the BBC to get rid of Jonathan Ross as their chief film critic and install Mark Kermode in his place. I haven’t seen any change yet, but if you want a taste of Kermode’s wit and knowledge, watch The Real Winona Ryder. Kermode co-wrote this witty examination of the troubled star’s life. Through animation, interviews, fast cutting and a droll narrative voice, Ryder is revealed as the confused child of hippies, whose godfather was that druggie emperor Timothy Leary. He called Ryder ‘a kid of the summer of love’, and when she was arrested, she was carrying more prescribed drugs that you would find at most local chemists. You would think her arrest and televised trail would have finished off her career, but this is Hollywood, and her notoriety made her more famous. In this month’s Vogue you can see a Marc Jacobs clothing advert starring Ryder, smiling among a litter of clothes boxes. It seems that the designer was thrilled that she chose not only to steal his clothes, but wear his designs every day to her trial. Watch celebrity eat itself in this enjoyable documentary.”

Bonnie Greer, Night & Day Magazine